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Pennarrow Instructions Pennarrow Instructions

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I like the feeling of nostalgia with these.

The textbook turret seems far better in that it's not an obvious weapon and ammo is plentiful.

Anyway, this seems like an ingenious toy. I don't envisage myself making it but again I got a smile from reading about it.

Textbook Turret Textbook Turret

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Made me smile.

I like the idea of little 'tutorials' like this, even if I hoped that it'd be an abstract defense-clone, with text representing all objects and characters.

Anyway, my opportunities for such hijinks have passed, but I got a smile from the idea.

Some better presentation (neater graphics, maybe a soft bg tune) would be nice.

I liked 'ahh my eye!'.

Paliño Paliño

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Cool graphics, polished as always, but after a cou

The first thing that jumped at me was the unoriginality. A near-direct clone of a chicken-based G&W game. And that G&W game has been cloned many a time...

Well, at least this has more colourful graphics and more interesting music...

Talking about the music, it seemed to repeat itself a fair few times before it went into that lighter melody, then looping. I'm not sure if this is some wizardly with the sound object (manually getting stuff to repeat when ended, etc.) or if it's some repetitition in the tune itself.

The twist on the G&W game - pressing space - seemed to introduce a bit of luck and randomness into what's otherwise a game of planning. Not to my tastes. Also, it didn't make thematic sense. Maybe if you were to press space to make the mexican go and another take his place... and you could switch whenever, but it took a certain amount of time... and you had a meter to show how full the basket was... so there'd be a queue of mexicans lining up to steal food.... that'd mebbe be funnier and also make more sense.

I think having stuff you needed to avoid would also help it be more interesting.

Cool graphics, polished as always, but after a couple of goes, I was tired of it again.

humour is for the unintentional humour inherent to the food-dumping.

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