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1D RGB Flipper Puzzle 1.0 1D RGB Flipper Puzzle 1.0 Rated Stars A twist on the classic 'lights-out' flipping puzzles. Puzzles - Other Fan Game 0.39 Fan Game 0.39 Rated Stars Blow the critters to the goal with a giant rotating fan! Skill - Avoid 1D RGB Flipper Puzzle0.99 1D RGB Flipper Puzzle0.99 Rated Stars A streamlined mutation of other flipping puzzles! Puzzles - Other NSG011: 1D Flipper v0.85 NSG011: 1D Flipper v0.85 Rated Stars A simplification of an old game. Gadgets - Other Katakana Game v0.25 Katakana Game v0.25 Rated Stars Learn to recognise the Japanese Katakana writing system. Puzzles - Difference NSG010: Katakana Game 0.1 NSG010: Katakana Game 0.1 Rated Stars Can you recognise all 20 katakana shapes? Puzzles - Difference NG Quiz 5: Four Second F NG Quiz 5: Four Second F Rated Stars A quiz about the bestest microgame series Puzzles - Quiz MiqiBo MiqiBo Rated Stars The love-child of a match-3 puzzle game and a mous-game. Puzzles - Falling NSG009:Miq's game (proto) NSG009:Miq's game (proto) Rated Stars If match-3 games and mousegames got it off, this would be the child. Puzzles - Falling NG Quiz 4: movies ed. NG Quiz 4: movies ed. Rated Stars 15 questions about some of the most important Portal movies. Puzzles - Quiz Fan Game 0.3 Fan Game 0.3 Rated Stars A slight update to the Fan Game. Skill - Avoid Fan Game 0.2 Fan Game 0.2 Rated Stars Push critters around with a fan. Skill - Avoid NSG008: Fan Game 0.1 NSG008: Fan Game 0.1 Rated Stars Blow critters into the goal Skill - Avoid NG Quiz 3 NG Quiz 3 Rated Stars Another quiz about the top flash-submission website. Puzzles - Quiz NG Quiz 2 NG Quiz 2 Rated Stars V2 of a quiz about the best flash showcase site out there. Puzzles - Quiz NSG007: NG Quiz NSG007: NG Quiz Rated Stars A quiz about the best Flash portal out there. Puzzles - Quiz NSG006:Timing-based shter NSG006:Timing-based shter Rated Stars Timing-based shooter Shooter - Vertical Flight NSG005:WordScra:Countries NSG005:WordScra:Countries Rated Stars Random anagrams of country names Puzzles - Quiz