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Fruity Fish! Game-a-day! and more.

2008-02-15 07:40:03 by LuckyLollipopLad

Firstly, my biggest project is arriving on March 12th 2009. No hints are coming yet but I really hope you all love it as much as I think you will.

Secondly, I'd like to point out 'Game-a-Day'. Chris DeLeon's been making an interactive thing every day and range from toys, experiments and playable metaphors to simple, inventive games. That's commendable dedication to exploring a medium! He also fulfils many game requests (so if you want to see a simple game made without doing the hard work yourself, drop him a line. ;-)) and writes a little exposition about each game.

finally, I wanted to alert you to a forthcoming game being made by myself and trig1. Expect it in the first few days of March - it's a game involving the deletion of falling stuff, but has rules unlike any puzzle game I've played (and I've played more than any man has a right to).

It'll be my first game set to a high production standard, by which I mean... quality graphics! A dancing ghost! Cut-scenes involving a laid back giraffe! Expect 25 levels of fruit&fish puzzles.

Here's an old WIP screenshot.

Fruity Fish! Game-a-day! and more.


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